CyberPanel — бесплатная панель управления хостингом с открытым исходным кодом, основанная на веб-сервере OpenLiteSpeed или LiteSpeed Enterprise.

Распродажа выделенных серверов

Облачная платформа

Установка одной строкой:

sh <(curl || wget -O -


sh <(curl || wget -O -

Поддерживаемые ОС:

CentOS 7
CentOS 8
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
CloudLinux 7

Новое в версии 2.3.3 (23 января 2023):

RSPAMD Manager
Temporary/test domains
Add Disable Wordpress XMLRPC & Trackback on Rewrite Rules
bug fix: incremental backups for s3
add some changes in mailscanner
some bug fixes in wp remote backups
bug fix: wp scheduled backups
add missing tables
upgrade snappy version
replace lscpd php with php74
bug fix while saving vhost conf
address some security issues
clear session files
update path to execute php sessions
prevent bypass of lsit check
bug fix that causes upgrade to stuck
Adding IPv6 listeners
bug fix: pdns
bug fix: email debugger
bug fix: use different lscpd versions according to os detection

Новое в версии 2.3.2 (27 июня 2022):

CyberPanel WordPress Manager
Replace Rainloop with SnappyMail
New and improve PHP Extensions Manager
bug fix: remote backup and backup restore
Remove screenshots from Websites
Remove screenshots from Child Domains
bug fix: email configurations reset
bug fix: email debugger on almalinux
bug fix: email debugger for rockylinux
Security: bug fix: change path of bwmeta
bug fix in root fm
bug fix in list dns
bug fix: upgrade static content
resolve alma issue, ref 11 #891
bug fix: subdomain creation on cent/alma
bug fix: ssl obtain for childdomain on lsws ent

Новое в версии 2.3.1 (25 апреля 2022):

security fix: CP-01: Installation improper permissions
CP-05: Command Line Tools Type Insecure Processes Risk Medium
CP-10: Admin – Websites – Suspend / Unsuspend
CP-11: Admin – Packages – Delete Package
CP-12: Admin – Packages – Modify Package
CP-13: Admin – Back Up – Create Back Up
CP-14: Admin – Back Up – Create Back Up
CP-16: Admin Back Up Start Transfer
security fix: CP-17: Admin – Security – CSF
security fix: CP-18: Users – Create New User
security fix: CP-21: Websites – Create Website
security fix: CP-22: Websites – Modify Website
security fix: CP-24: Manage Website – Domain Alias (Delete)
security fix: CP-26: Manage Website – File Manager – Upload
Security: Prevent leaking load average dat
Security: PyYAML dependency update
Security: Multiple CVE dependency update
resolve CyberPanel 2.1 - Remote Code Execution (RCE) (Authenticated) - Multiple webapps Exploit
securify fix: CP-29: Manage Website – SMTP Hosts – Verify
securityfix: CP-30: Manage Website – Compose
security fix: CP-33: Manage Website – Git
security fix: CP-36: DNS – Add / Delete Records
bug fix: CP-17
CP-19: Additional Domains to Block
CP-21: Additional Security
Fix CVE-2021-32839
bug fix: avoid possible removal of directories
install before main installation
bug fix: install
bug fix: cronjob
bug fix in backup creation
bug fix: wp staging
bug fix: custom ssl save
bug fix: deploy staging to production
bug fix: create wp staging
security fix: CP-19: Websites – Create Website
bug fix: fetch status
bug fix: file manager
bug fix: dkim manager
Fix architecture detection
add vhost level cache root for openlitespeed
bug fix: continue backups if website is deleted from main CP
bug fix: during website creation
bug fix: backup creation
use website level user for restic backups
bug fix: incremental backups
disable sftp destination for incremental backups for time being
bug fix: delete database during inc backups
bug fix: see git file changes
bug fix: child domain records
fix: file creation user
bug fix: ssl
bug fix: cpanel importer
add confirm before converting to LiteSpeed Enterprise
remove not needed function calls

Новое в версии 2.1.2 (21 октября 2021):

Исправление уязвимостей после аудита в RACK911 Labs
Ability to design CyberPanel user front-end design manager.
Re-arrange some menu items
Add option to switch to master again
add bubblewrap default command
Added translation tag for some elements
Add table for dashboad css
Load custom css
More verbose logs
Add logging
Fix architecture detection
Add vhost level cache root for openlitespeed
Add further detect for rocky
Zero ssl account registration

Новое в версии 2.1.1 (15 апреля 2021):

Joomla installer: auto-install with LS cache
Codemirror added to file manager (multiple language support)
Allow users to manage SSH keys
Initiate cloudbackup (via CyberPanel Cloud), Cloud backups to AWS, Restore s3 backups
Add PHP 8.0
WP deploy (via Cloud)
WP manager (Cloud)
Proprietary High Availability
Add search and ordering to dropdowns
Re-renders for all UI elements
DigitalOcean remote DB support
NEW installer script
NEW upgrade script
Enforce disk limits via packages.
Support for multiple database users in backups

Новое в версии 2.0.3 (20 сентября 2020):

Add/delete firewall rule via API
Upgrade MariaDB to 10.5
Trash folder
PHPMyAdmin autologin
2FA support
Allow CyberPanel port change
Redis deamon one-click install/remove
Mautic auto installer

Новое в версии 2.0.2 (22 июля 2020):

Google Drive backup
Remote MySQL for whole CyberPanel
Remote access for local databases
Packages in API
Bangla language
Remote MySQL during WordPress installer

Новое в версии 2.0.1 (2 июня 2020):

Support on Ubuntu 20
Support for CentOS8 & Repo
Allow custom path for child-domains
Remove duplicatte compression for emails
Add remote access
Cyberpanel repo,
Add Indonesian language
Translation into Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil
Remote backup with non-root user
Package manager CentOS 7
Load website preview
Mailscanner & Mailwatch
Child domain as hostname
Detailed scheduled backup logs
Display mail client details
Update terminal to use tornado
User add, edit, list, suspend and remove via CLI
Display ssl port during list emails

Новое в версии 2.0.0 (1 апреля 2020):

CloudFlare DNS Synchronization
Redis Mass Hosting
Imunify360 Integration
Git Manager
Git Webhooks and Automation
Configure server mailer for CyberPanel notifications
Email Queue Management
EasyEngine migration script
DomLogs Stats for domains

Новое в версии 1.9.4 (5 февраля 2020):

Email SNI Support for Outlook and Postfix
feature: suspend/unsuspend users
disable login for suspended users
feature: edit incremental backup plans
feature: edit/manage inc backups
Improved and detailed dynamic logging
To enable detailed logging to run touch /usr/local/CyberCP/debug
This will generate detailed logs in /home/cyberpanel/error-logs.txt
If you also want these logs in email run touch /usr/local/CyberCP/emailDebug
When reporting any bugs, please create these files and provide output from the log file.
feature: add dynamic install

Новое в версии 1.9.3 (3 января 2020):

Codebase upgraded to use Python 3
DJANGO Upgraded to 3.0.2
Must better CloudLinux integration
Convert child-domains to websites.
Enable: Install necessary services only (postfix, ftp or dns)
Auto-Renew utility for SSL.
Beta: Centos 8 support
PHP 7.4
Watchdog for MySQL and Webserver.
api: submitUserCreation
add quic port to csf default
feature: new login page
Removed unnecessary NS record

Новое в версии 1.9.2 (12 ноября 2019):

Remote restore of Incremental Backups.
Web Based Terminal
Magento Auto Installer
Official CSF GUI Integration, thanks to CSF guys at
Email piping

Новое в версии 1.9.1 (15 октября 2019):

Incremental Backups.
imagick extension added to CyberPanel PHP Extension Installer
Feature: Auto Request 15 days trial for LSWS Ent